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Trust and Support from individuals like you is essential to our ability to operate independently and allow the Charity Medical Foundation to respond to the needs of people with disabilities in the United States and also to urgent emergencies mostly in countries and regions that are well forgotten or neglected; Therefore by keeping operation and fundraising cost low include donations, we have been able to direct more than 95% of our spending to program activities when funds allows every year from 2009 to 2013. We are committed to this goal. The Charity Medical Foundation has recently been awarded many Thanks by its supporters who have seen the vision and the effort of the organization.

The Contribution to the Charity Medical Foundation were spent in net average as follows:Updated as time give grace.

As effectively seen, most investments expensive came from the Organization personal fund therefore the Charity programs activities are specified below:


The organization file Taxes ( 990-N ) with the IRS every year according to its status as a Public Charity and below are its filed taxes for the years of operation. Information given are subject to changes due to participation. 

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