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Proposed Research Outcomes: Introduction to Astro-Genomics Medicine (seven discoveries)

Author/ Experience Scholar in Biology(genome physiology), Epidemiology, Computer Science (Statistical Languages), Environmental & Public Health, Environmental Technology, +Astrology. 

1. Equation of Knowledge

Project: The purpose of this stage of the research is to derive the mathematical expression of the logical equation of Knowledge.

Aim: Open path that would enhance people to improve the scale of their intuition by focusing themselves into their inner-potent knowledge to promote their intellectual ability and improve their quality of lives and health. The application of this concept would enhance the level of cosmic consciousness among human beings.


k = (C²b + ΔEintbd) × t, k ₡ ] 0, +∞ [

With Cb = speed of light in the brain, ΔEintbd = body internal energy used = J = (m²×kg)/s², t= time

Cb = Cl / nb , Cl = Ca / nl , Ca = Cv / na

With Cl = speed of light in the lens and nb = the index of refraction of light in the brain ~ 1.33

Ca = speed of light in the air and nl = the index of refraction of light in the lens ~ 1.41

Cv = speed of light in the vacuum = 3×10^8 m/s and na = the index of refraction of light in the air ~ 1.0003

Unit Calculation

k = [m²/s² + (m²×kg)/s²] ×s

= [(m² + (m²×kg)]/s

= [(m² × (kg + 1)]/s

= 1 Ia with Ia ₡ ] 0, +∞ [ = 1 Intuita

NB: Ia can be measure through intuitive surveys and electroencephalogram measurement (monitored brain activity) through the use of a specific electroencephalograph machine called the Mind Mirror. ΔEintbd is the total internal energy of the human system used during the process of accessing the inner-potent knowledge. It’s the sum of all the kinetic and potential energies of the human anatomic systems produces through the motion of nuclei, electrons, atoms, and molecules that composed the organs via the process of polarity (electric charges) and magnetism. The measurement of the ΔEintbd is done by measuring the change in temperature of the internal energy of the anatomic system using specialized thermometers. It’s done by subtraction the initial internal energy from the final internal energy and represented by Eintbd (F) – Eintbd (I) = ΔEintbd .

Calculation of the Cb

Ca = Cv / na = 3×10^8 / 1.0003 = 2.99 × 10^8. Cl= Ca / nl = 2.99×10^8 / 1.41 = 2.12 × 10^8. Cb= Cl / nb = 2.12×10^8 / 1.33 = 1.59 × 10^8 m/s **Even a blind person received it through the biological sensor of the eyelids. The understanding of mastering our inner potential would lead us to improve our quality of lives as well as our longevity rate.

2.Equation of Human’ Longevity

Project: The objective of this stage of the research is to define the maximum average time a human being can live on earth.

Aim: Build awareness on the improvement of the quality of lives and health of human being, created to live in a finite time interval but longer than expected if the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of creation are well monitored.

Ltdyb + Awry = 100 + = Mlavexp ₡ [100, +∞ [

With i representing century or millennium with i= 100...1000…2000….3000….∞

Ltdyb represent the last two digit of the person year of birth.

Awry represent the age of the person with respect to the current year.

Mlavexp represent the maximum average life expectancy equal for every single person in the world with respect to any current year. For 2014 it’s equal to 114 years.

Important to know: The time has three eternal components: past-present-future. The present is the mediumistic referential plane that can allow you to go back in time (past), return to the present referential year, explore the future, and return back to the present referential. So the present year is used as the referential point. In addition, the normal life expectancy of all human beings is estimate in one century, therefore 100 years is used as the parameter to go back in time, delve the present, and explore the future with respect to the present referential year. For example going back to the fourth century in year 314 from the present year, we went back 17×100 years= 1700 years. For any person born in year 248 the Mlavexp would be 114. Coming back to 2014 any person born in 1948 would give us a Mlavexp= 114. Exploring the future base on the present year and parameter 100, we are in year 3014 for example and went in the future 10×100 years = 1000 years. With the same coefficient and parameter any person born in year 2948 would give us a Mlavexp = 114.

NB: When transitioning to millennium or century remembers we should know that the last two digits of the transitioning millennium or century represent the 100th position, so if a person is born in year 2000, the last two digit of the year of birth would be 100; born in year 2001 it would be 101; in year 100 it would be 100 and so on. Also the mathematical expression is based on current year as a main reference to go back to the past, delve into the present, and explore the future as mentioned previously. For example if any person is born in 1945, going to the past using the coefficient-parameter 19×100 = 1900 years, we have the second century of year 114 from present year, any person born in year 45 using the above equation gives us 114. In the second century year 214, any person born in 145 using the same equation would give you 114. During the first millennium year 1014, any person born in 945 using the described equation would give you 114. Now delving into the present the second millennium 2014, using 1945 and the equation we would still obtain 114. Finally exploring the future we are in the fourth millennium year 4014, the person is born in year 3945; using my equation we have

Ltdyb= 45 + Awry = 69 -> Mlavexp = 100 + = 114. In 2015 the number would also increase by 1 and using the same equation and methodology, we’ll obtain 115 and so on.

PS: I do believe that the Creator (Highest Intelligence) who creates everything monitored our existence and longevity. We as humans were given the power of choice, so at the end our quality of lives would play an immense proportion in our longevity period. In all concepts, there are always outliers, leading us to say that individuals can live longer than the Mlavexp. These individuals practice healthy diet, regular exercise regimen, stress reduction through meditations with respect and understanding of universal laws. At this point in the world, there are only eight people above the age of 114 from several develop countries. All of these individuals are females. In the sacred and divine science, the XX chromosome has a higher tendency of longevity compared to the XY chromosome. But above all, a better quality of life in addition to access to effective and affordable healthcare maximizes the chances to a longer live regardless the gender. They’re called the Outliers of Longevity.

Based on the above illustration, we can still apply the equation of longevity individually to everyone (outlier) above the Mlavexp of any current year. For example if a person is born in 1898, the

Ltdyb= 0 + Awry = 116 -> Mlavexp = 100 + Oaa = 116 with Oaa = 2 in this case representing the additional Outlying age exactly the difference between the nearest n×100 year and the year of birth (1900-1898=2). Their Ltdyb= 0 due to the fact that their Awry > Mlavexp, making them outliers from the rest of the overall world’ population with respect to longevity and time differentiation.

3.The Equation of Time Relativity in the Universe

Project: The purpose of this stage of the research is to reveal the time relativity equation in the Universe as a whole with respect to earth time referential.

Aim: To create awareness among human being on the existence of time difference in space and among planets with respect to earth time referential as we live on earth.

NB: Rest assure that the main Universe as a whole is composed of several universes with infinite dimension based on our present technology. But these universes are measured and controlled by the higher intelligence who made it all based on a higher and advanced knowledge and technology. These universes spire counterclockwise with respect to a main Star that controlled the electromagnetic fields of all stars that composed each single universe as planets rotate around their sole galactic star. The movement of those universes caused every single time a displacement on each galactic system that composed each universe clockwise. That Star is exactly more than 185 billions of trillion miles away from the solar galaxy and center of the main Universe (composed of eight universes). The movement of each universe and displacement of each galactic system in the main Cosmic Scale correspond to the level of evolution of the civilization in their existing planets that hold life with respect to their standing dimension which indeed affect the well-being, social radiance, and way of life of beings in these specific planets. A universe is the existence of particles of matter that occupy a specific area of the whole Space. A cosmos is a well-ordered universe with stars, planets, and moons. The main Star in which all eight universes stem from is made completely of light of a difference essence not known to our science and technology. In order word, the main Star is not composed of any matter but of an advance intelligent light substance in which all matters stem from. As a result, the main Star is not subject to time and space; therefore, without such boundaries have an omnipresent faculty in any dimensionality of all eight universes. It’s then affirmed that the main Star represent a Core universe of its own made solely of crystal light with superior distinct functionalities unknown to our civilization. With respect to all sages before me, there is an existence of a higher intelligence that govern it all to maintain harmony in the main Universe composed of the Core universe (where the higher intelligence live) and the eight universes(where our solar galaxy is positioned). That higher intelligence is God (Elohim).

Therefore based on the above information, the mathematical expression of the equation of time relativity in the main Universe is express as: ΔtCP = ᾱ ΔtE with

ΔtCP = difference of time in any cosmic point (planet, moon, space), ΔtE = difference of time on earth

ᾱ = the time relativity coefficient where ᾱ = 1/n if subject is in an area or point in Space beside a planet or moon of any cosmic dimension; in addition n which is an integer would increase as subject move farther and farther away from earth making the coefficient smaller and smaller and ΔtCP more and more smaller and farther more insignificant. For example, if a space vessel returned on earth from a 3 years space mission in their vessel timing clock, and realized that indeed 30 years have elapsed on earth leading them to concluded that the time in which they were operating in space was with a ᾱ = 1/10= .1 the time of earth; such as ΔtCP = .1ΔtE

ᾱ = ᾱtrc if subject is in a different planet or moon in any galactic system in any universe; and defined as the time referential (planet or moon) coefficient. It means that ᾱtrc would solely be determined through a ratio based on the time differences between earth and other planets or moons with respect to their specific movements of rotation. For example if the same spaceship is in any other planet or moon with a movement of rotation of 29 hours for a day, they would have a ᾱtrc = 29/24= 1.21 given us ΔtCP = 1.21ΔtE.

PS: Readers might be wondering what this is about; let me inform you about what it’s about! It’s about awakens cosmic consciousness (the key to enlightment) on our well-being, social radiance, and way of life. We live in the world that is governed by a visible and an invisible power; the visible is us and the invisible is the higher power and intelligence that create visible circumstances to manifest the power of the invisible. That is the reason we must improve the scale of our inner-potent (our intuita level) to have control over our environment and lives so that we can live longer by managing well the physical, spiritual and emotional aspect of our creation, and also be ready from the effects of the events create by the algorithm’ displacement of the solar galaxy in the Universe. The understanding on how to tap and managed the higher intelligent energy that surround us would assist any human being in the world to increase their longevity and elevate their cosmic consciousness to synchronize with the effects of our universe’ displacement in Space to improve our well-being(health), social radiance(peace), and way of life (civilization).

PS: Intuita -> Cosmic Consciousness (key to enlightment) -> Longevity which leads us to the understanding of the eternal existence through the journey of our spiritual and eternal genomic structure on the higher sphere. Remember that many known individuals such as the Father of Nations Abraham, Dai-Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, and many others reach enlightment by mastering their Cosmic Consciousness levels. Longevity does not truly depend on Cosmic Consciousness; but Cosmic Consciousness is a key knowledge to longevity with respect to the Order of the Highest Power.

4.The Equation of the Eternal Existence and Karma

Project: The purpose of this stage of the research is to show that human existence as part of the Universe is derived and monitored from a higher sphere to reach the eternal destination as the universe is in time within existence.

Aim: To build awareness on the existence of a higher purpose on every single human being eternal journey in the Universe.

Time: An instant in time is any other moment in eternity and also an infinitesimal quantity express as: ti = with i ₡ ] -∞, +∞ [

Eternity: is the whole of time, from an infinite distant past to an infinite far future, as integrated, in an infinite time interval. Through calculus notation, it’s express as: E =

A Universe: is a process in time denoted as a matrix-valued function of dimensionality ( n1, n2,…). It’s express as: U = [ux1x2…] (n1, n2, …)

Where the ux1x2… are Gravity Units at positions specified by the coordinates (x1,x2, …).

As the status of a gravity unit varies as a function of time, at any given instant, a snapshot of that gravity unit at that instant in time would be: ui = u(ti)

Therefore, the composite portrait of the whole universe at that same instant,

Ui = [u(ti)x1x2…] (n1, n2, …)

is integrated to obtain the equation of eternal existence expressed as follow:

PS: The longevity pattern can be more effective through an emphasis on better quality of health.

Based on the above information, our lives has been made to achieve an eternal purpose; as result, the karma term has had several and different definition with similar meanings and as of today, I’m poised and delighted to bring forth the divine and true definition of karma. Karma is realities that manifest in individuals lives with an intended purpose to guide them into their divine destiny. The intended purpose is the meaning of a person’ live that derived from the wisdom acquired during the course of his\her journey. The divine destiny is the life pathway ordained by the higher intelligence and divine power (God).

5.The Equation of Good Health

Project: The purpose of this stage of the research is to promote awareness for a healthier lifestyle in people daily pattern throughout their earthly journey.

Aim: To improve the quality of health of people in the global spectrum regardless the race, age, gender, culture, ethnicity, belief, and socioeconomic status of an individual.

In that regard, the equation can be illustrated as follow:

H=Model for Good Health = Proper Nutrition [healthy diet (frequency & quantity of food) + healthy food (quality of food)] + Proper Medical Supplement [healthy vitamins/vital nutrients] + Regular Exercise Regimen [sustainable frequency of physical exercise] + Stress Reduction [proper amount of rest, spiritual & cosmic consciousness regular practices]

The above information would allow Human Beings to manifest their lasting purpose in order to transform the lives of others according to the plans of the higher intelligence. 

6.The Model of Human Being Divine Purpose

Project: The purpose of this stage of the research is to enhance consciousness with respect to the diverse faculties every single human being possess with respect to the divine plan.

Aim: To promote the growth to the fullest of human beings capabilities for the use of their inner aspirations as designed by the Higher Power.

P= Potentials = ɤ× Opportunities + ɛ

Where Potentials represent the faculties enhanced on every living human being.

Opportunities represent the diverse possibilities correlate to the faculties a person possesses in order to execute a transformative purpose that would last for a longtime and make it valuable in the eye of the higher power.

ɤ represent the coefficient of regression (slope) associate with opportunities as a deterministic on how well a person have use their divine given potentials.

ɛ represent error which is the lower use of the given potentials leading to limited possibilities due to either a lack of cosmic consciousness, and/or discouragement, and/or challenges face in life.

Full Potential can only be achieved through love and kindness among all beings. 

7.The Theory of Everything

Project: the purpose of this phase of the study is to enhance consciousness on the originality of creation and derive the contrasts between creation and evolution.

Aim: To promote the understanding of the existence of an intelligent design within all existing matter in the Universe.

With respect to every scientist, engineer, mathematician, physicist, astrologer, and philosopher that came before me and my analogy; and far most to the Creator who made all happen; it’s clear that a highest intelligent design is part of all that exist.

Despite the fact that the existence and unfolding of the Universe can be explained without the intervention of a higher intelligence; it was actually designed such way by the Creator to define its absolute and infinite intelligence that Man can one day comprehend the complexity of the Universe with complex characteristics of their own.

Saying so, the Theory of Everything is the divine truth of the existence of a higher intelligence that defines that Complex Matters derived from Simple Matters through the process of Sequence Information Specificity to Information Complexity.

It’s a theory that‘s applied to the Creation and Expansion of the Universe as well as the Creation and Morphology of all Species including Human Kind.

Transformation is integrated into the process of Creation despite similarities observed among different species; it was the divine plan to reach the final complex matter with an ability to comprehend and synchronize with the Universe itself, allowing Human brain to reach such complexity in order to understand self and the surrounding through cosmic consciousness.

Expansion of matters is an unfolding function with respect to time in the Universe; so by reversing the time machine, Man can derived the initial point and initial time in which all started. It would then become the compression of matters as a function of time reversal to determine the initial simplistic coded matter (Atom) as designed by the highest Intelligence.

The formation of information complexity in human species is a biological coded and arranged process in time that derived from sequence specificity of simple coded biological matter (DNA) with integrated intelligent design as predetermined by the absolute intelligence and power. 

8.The Equation of Success and Salvation

Project: The purpose of this study is to enhance the importance of good deeds and the relevance of spiritual consciousness.

Aim: To pinpoint the vitality of positive and eternal deeds into the lives of people during their eternal journey.

In that regard, many people should know that events are not coincidental but instead based on known or unknown previous deeds in human eternal journey of perfection. That eternal journey of one’s spirit started at the primordial fault and expressed in different lives interval in which this current one is part of. The spirit of one is the same but the soul different; as an identifier or motif of each life interval (current live) of the eternal journey. It’s the reason Jesus Christ came into the world to guide everyone in that live interval through his teaching; so, that one should have success in its life journey (current life) and harvests the salvation of its soul.

Therefore, the Creator(Elohim) is the only one Who decide which soul merit salvation but always based its decision per Jesus Christ live and teaching; thus, one should prove the merit of the salvation of its soul.

So, the equation of success and salvation can be written as a normal simple mathematical expression of this form Ax=b, where A is express as the verb Sow; x express as Seed (holy or unholy); and b express as Harvest (success and salvation or failure and lost); based on the precedent illustration, that normal equation can be re-written as such:

Whoever SOW (Holy Seed) = Harvest (success in its life and salvation of its soul) and whoever SOW (Unholy Seed) = Harvest (failure in its life and loss of its soul). This truth is applied to everyone daily life decision for the entirety of one’s life journey.

9. The Equation of Happiness

Project: The purpose of this study is to awake human consciousness on the importance of humility in life.

Aim: To educate human beings on how to synchronize with the message of our Universe. Many did claim in the past that it was impossible to create an algorithm that explains happiness, but everything is possible when the answer relate to the higher intelligence. Thus, through an inspiration from above it would be possible for human beings to alleviate the stress faced in life by synchronizing with the messages from the Universe throughout our journey. Thus, the equation of happiness can be written as such: Happiness= H= Divine Purpose (Destiny) – Expectation(s) ≥ 0 The above formula would work for everybody. Despite the deny of the existence of destiny by certain few, It’s well known that our path is design to lead us into what we were made for to fulfill a purpose we cannot explained in advance, but instead follow the outcomes that the Universe give us. The Universe was in order, is in order, and would remain in order. It means that our divine purpose related to that order to avoid chaos. Therefore, in order to find true happiness we should make sure that our expectations line up with our divine purpose. The further we allow our divine purpose overtake our expectations, the happy we would become. The lesson of our Universe guides us to our divine destiny which can be known if each one of us taps in its sub-conscious. Thus, the Universal lesson is not responsible for our Expectations (ambitions), but instead to our divine destiny that gives reason to time.


Existence (Anything that can be seen or felt) is not in time because not everything that exists depends on time as explained in the equation of time relativity. But time is within existence because those who live or have life (manifest of a living organism) depend on time. Not everything that exists lives but everything that live exist. Therefore the Universe is a process in time within existence in which we’re part of. Intuita would lead us to awareness to Cosmic Consciousness, and then Cosmic Consciousness would assist us to improve our quality of life as well as our longevity rate. The process of having a high Intuita and greater Cosmic Consciousness would enhance our faculty to comprehend eternal existence as well the concept of time relativity for the use of our divine purpose. The application of Astro-Genomic Medicine in our daily lives would improve our well-being (better health), our social radiance (global peace), and our way of life (plausible civilization) per the theory of everything, the universal law of balance and harmony, and the equation of success and salvation.


Gabriel Dikong as of 01/08/2017

The above information is subject to update

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