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The organization have a purpose to positively impact people lives in the United States and around the world through medical, pharmaceutical, and innovative technology according to the Divine purpose. Download the CMFIT-GHI Apps @


The medical vision of the Charity is to bring into the world effective and efficient practices that may eliminate most medical issues faced by communities in the United States and around the world using wave genetics and bio-frequency applications through the CMFIT Triple B-Systems and health education( refer to the genesis research project). The Initiation of Energy and Genetics Medicine for the Future.


The pharmaceutical mission of the Charity is to develop and bring forth medicine composed of essential natural nutrients called the B-VNUTRIS ( body vital nutrients in Pills|Beverages|Natural juices) with an objective to improve cellular metabolism, and gene expression; reduce DNA damage, and strengthen the body immune system for effective diseases cure.


1. The innovative technology purpose of the Charity is to enhance a new era cutting edge Bio-technology that may diagnose disease as never seen before using the B-MEDS ( body medical emergency diagnosis system); and may cure diagnosed conditions using an advance medical devices system called

B-HEALS ( body healing systems) using Bio-genetics apparatus and Gene-holograms through the support of the Divine inspiration.

2. Introduction of the Virtual-Real 3D-Video and Audio Communication Technology to enhance remote access communication and operation in the healthcare, academic, corporate, social, and industrial sectors around the world through the use of internet and advanced Tech Devices.

3. The Incorporation of the USB Downloadable Software Format; Music and/or Video USB Player for recorded musical songs, videos, and films through advanced Technology.  

Proposed Pathway to Cancer Cure

The CMFIT proposed assessment should not be copy nor used as self creation without the CMFIT Global Consultants approval.

Cancer is a disease that derive from a sudden change of human organ normal cells to abnormal cells with uncontrolled growth. The abnormalities are caused by rare mutations in codon sequences of the human genes generating unhealthy genetics information to the corresponding cells that modulate to Cancer Cells. 

The abnormal cells now call Cancer cells build a protective shield around the affected organ to hide itself from being detected by the radar of the human immune system. It's the reason its growth nature goes undetected by the body immune system therefore affecting tissues and other organs rapidly.

Due to sequences differentiation for the formation of proteins, so as the difference in cancers is unique to each affected organs.Therefore different remedies must be applied for each individual Cancer.

Starting with a specific matching virus infection (find through researches ) on Cancer Cells, its protective shield would be removed. Then the infection would be noticeable by the body immune system that would in turn send white blood cells into the localized infected area. With the exposed Cancer cells, the immune system would have the ability to attack the Cancer Cells and cease its growth. The application of control amount of the immune system triggering substance in the affected area would reduce and eradicate the cancer growth and tumor in time.

The procedure must considered the level of cancer, individuals immune system strength, and their mental state with respect to the management of the level of inflammation in order to control the intervention dosages during the stages of the entire procedure. It will required different type of viruses for each type of Cancer curability. Institutions should focus their funding and time on researching corresponding virus for each of their focus cancer research study. 

The procedure should be supported by a healthy lifestyle to fortify the immune system and its effectiveness. The next stage of all diseases curability would rely on Wave Genetics research and application through God blessing and approval in the near future. 


Gabriel Dikong      

For more information, please contact us at:

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