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Community Development Action By The Charity Medical Foundation & IT Inc.

Build an History by impacting people lives...

For those who want to build an history, and make a difference in their communities by helping Disables, Shelters, hospitals and create jobs; you can donate for the organization Lasting Purpose Causes at

NB: The above program is only made to meet the assigned goals indicated in compliance with contract regulations.

Education Campaign in the communities

This effort is to encourage all students include Disables and also disables Veterans and our Education system in all the communities in the United States to work hard; so that more students can graduate from college and be competitive to the World education and the new era market jobs and economic growth in the new millennium.

Matching Found account ( IDA etc.. )

we are assisting individuals to save money so that, they can help their kids through their education , to buy a home or pay their debts.Our founder had been working hard working hard in the States, to help people to create a type of account where for each dollar you put in,the government or a private founder will put a corresponding one or two dollars. It is categorize as a type of saving account to a bank offering the service in the region.For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Veterans Employment Services ( VEC etc..)

Also as a member of the Disabled Americans Veterans ( DAV ) of the United State, our Founder is working along with individuals of our communities and others services to make sure that veteran's coming out of the service, have opportunities to find better jobs and access to education so that,they can have a great transition and life to the civilian world.Also,to straight their life; which also include a low income housing program for Low income and homeless veterans. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Directions to Selective Service Registration .

Below is the Link to Selective Service's On-Line Registration Form :

Housing program

Charity Med Found & IT Inc is providing services and working along with local non-profit organizations to help low income local families include Veterans of the United state Armed forces to build houses where they will have ability to repay the non-profit , no interest loan base on three criteria:

. The level of the applicants' need.

. their willingness to become partners in the program

. and their ability to repay the no-profit , no-interest loan.

For more information about the availability, size, costs, sweat equity, volunteer work requirements and application process feel free to contact our office.

Global Warming Initiative

Charity Med Found & IT Inc. is working along with the US Government and others organizations to fight against Global warning by proposing the government to expand our energy resources more to natural energy like solar, wind, clean gold , bio-fuels , green and many more , so that our government can save money to invest in our economy, to help the middle class through Houses, Jobs creation and reformed the health care system affordable to all citizens.That's why the Njoh Med Found & Inc. is working hard to help the people of our communities and across the United State of America through those achievements.

Hurricane Gustav & IKE action (Katrina Support)

The Charitymedfound & IT Inc . is helping victims of the hurricane around the United state ( gulf cost and north east) with Foods, Clothes and First Aid kits.And also our founder is working personally hard to assist those strike by the heavy wind ( lost of electricity ) in the city of Cincinnati with fresh foods, ice bags and other necessary items. To join us in this effort, feel free to contact us.

Support the Government and private organizations efforts to help and assist the

victims of Hurricane Katrina to make them feel not forgotten.

Global Anti-poverty Initiative

The main philosophy of the Foundation is to put in place programs as indicated and mentioned earlier to fight against poverty in the US and around the world by implementing programs involving educations and training, fighting HIV and AIDS and others diseases, clean water program and clean energy program; so that individual from that individual from third World Countries can be empowered to live a better life.

Rehabilitation Program

The CHARITY Med Found & it Inc., have put in place a new program for individuals with alcohol and Illegals Drugs used or just came out from jail through the Court order recommendation; by supporting and encouraging them to straight their life and be part of the society as independents people again through educational training, career building and entrepreneurship programs.You are all welcome to participate into the program and contact us if you need more information on how to join the program.

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