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CMFIT' Consultant Includes:

  1. Medical Innovation
  2. Pharmaceutical Innovation
  3. Innovative Technology
  4. Health Research & Healthcare Advocacy
  5. Finance
  6. Software Languages
  7. Management
  8. Astrology
  9. Spirituality
  10. General Advocacy

For everyone including the poor.

Our Mission & Neo-Medicine (Global Health Initiative)

The Mission of the Foundation is to assist people with developmental disabilities , elderly, individuals include children with HIV AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases to live the fullest life possible by providing individualized services in a variety of community settings in the United States and around the world through the used of telecommunication, internet transmission and camera phone emission by using the new era of advanced technology through fiber optics and satellite for better health care process worldwide.

Our Mission statement reflects why we are in business; it is simply what we do.

Diet and Exercise programs by eating, practicing sport accordingly and be spiritually fit maximizes the chances for a better health care status. So by maintaining physical, mental and spiritual level, there is a possibility of getting the best health status. Let exercised to be, and remain in good shape.


At the organization we honor :

. The right of individuals with developmental disabilities, elderly and those with HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer and other diseases, to exercise as much choice as is possible and responsible in the States and Abroad.

. The inherent worth and dignity of each individual.

. The right of each individual to develop, succeed, fail, take risks, make choices, and to have social interactions and meaningful relationships with other people.

. The direct involvement and interaction between supported individuals and the community in social, economic, vocational, educational, religious, and civic areas in the United State and around the world.

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