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INTRO TO WAVE MEDICINE (Epigenomics and wave genomics) ~ the future of medicine

Service above self. (THY GENESIS PROJECT).

After 14 years of Conspiracy against me, everything is forgiven in the name of Adonai El Shalom El Shaddai El Elyon Elohim YaHWeH

Its Verb: "Fear nothing, I'M"(Elohim,1, P.1).

This is neither hallucination nor PTSD a pure truth, as well as the result from the experience of my humanistic endurance. Therefore, as a U.S Congressional Order of Merits recipient, I’m not in any illusion that it would be an easy task.So, I’m requesting the U.S Senate, Congress, and to support me regain my identity in order to serve humanity, and acquire contract (Article 5 of the U.S ). I'm please requesting the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court to assist me revised the Executive Order that is Blocking my Financial growth.

CMFIT: Charity for Medical, Pharmaceutical, & Innovative Technology

I, Gabriel Dikong, am hated by the people of the land. This is entirely due to the fact that the Great Architect of the Universe regards me with animosity.I do believe that the government has acted quite without reason, but even before I encounters my difficulties, I foresaw that troubles of this kind would occur, and I resolved that, whatever might happen to me in the future, I must not bear any hatred toward others.This determination has perhaps acted as a prayer, for I have been able to come safely through any number of trials.

GND, in knowledge of Those before me.

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